Team members

Stacy Jones

Stacy finds it best to inform clients of her status as a Texas Alum…

Don Hermes

Don is well recognized by clients as fast--really fast!

Michelle Sexton

Affectionately known as the agency “cheapskate,” Michelle handles all…

Mike Gilliland

Mike is a lover, so watch out!

Michelle Sexton

Client & Media Relations

Affectionately known as the agency “cheapskate,” Michelle handles all things relating to money. When she’s not nickel and diming the media for better rates or providing clients with incredibly accurate billing, she is standing over each staffer with a leather whip and a list of missing timesheets. She has been called the “Timesheet Nazi” on many occasions. In any case, clients can be assured that Michelle is spending and accounting for their resources in the same manner she accounts for her own – with a stingy attitude and a tight fist.