About Us

Since June of 2004, MindsEye! has served a wide variety of clientele. With each passing year, the client roster has grown and the company has expanded. After fifteen years, MindsEye! still approaches every task for each individual client with enthusiasm and an understanding of deadlines and client expectations on delivery. The objective is to “over-deliver” on every single project, no matter how large or small.

As a boutique agency, one of MindsEye’s biggest strengths is the ability to deliver creative and insightful copy and design work that reflects a client’s goals and priorities, in a fast and efficient manner. Prior to starting a project, every client is given a timeframe in which it will be completed. Once the ball is rolling, every phase of a project is delivered to the client on or before the original deadline.

As with any company, there are always priority projects that come up and are needed within days, or even hours. Emergency or high priority projects are taken care of immediately, so that the client can fulfill their commitments on time. All priority work is handled in a manner that does not affect the progress or deadlines of other ongoing projects.

No matter what you need or when you need it, the staff at MindsEye! is always committed to the required research and additional hours to have your project out the door in time to meet your commitment. It’s the only way to do business within an industry driven by meeting deadlines and fulfilling client needs.

Next time you have a need for fast, effective creative work, you can be assured that it will get done WHEN promised!