MindsEye! Success.

Each of the marketing professionals at MindsEye! has personal and professional reasons for doing what we do. Some of us have the innate desire to unleash our creative talents, while some of us couldn’t survive in a world that doesn’t operate in controlled chaos. But every one of us gets a thrill when an idea, vision or campaign is carried through from conception to fruition.

While seeing your creative vision come to life is truly gratifying, it doesn’t hold a candle to the satisfaction of watching clients gain brand recognition, increase revenue or gobble up market share. Those are the true reasons we come to work everyday; why we sometimes beat our heads against the wall; why we come back and start from scratch for each and every client we work with.

Why ask why? Listen to what our clients are saying.

Jeff Saxton
General Manager
Lawter & Associates

Lawter & Associates has worked with MindsEye! for a number of years. Every project that they have completed has not only impressed us, but more importantly, has produced results. The entire staff is not only concerned with what is best for our business, but also how to get the most bang for our buck. With an open line of communication and a wide array of talent, the professionals at MindsEye! are great to work with and always meet our expectations.

Leo Neyer
Building Research Systems, Inc.

We were thrilled to find MindsEye! to assist in our marketing efforts. After engaging a series of firms that did not understand our industry, it was refreshing to work with an agency willing to do the research tonot only understand our industry, but also our place in it. They always make us feel we are their only client, integrating their staff with ours as if we are one cohesive company. This integration and camaraderie enables them to provide incredibly effective strategic direction. Professional in every capacity, the quality of their work is outstanding. Projects are always delivered on time, even when waiting on us to provide information and feedback – which is quite a change from our previous experience with marketing firms.